Art and final stills from my titulation project.
Shortfilm: Ñihi
Characters: Moyoi, M.Skel and the demons.
Ñihi is a project that was born from my need to end an emotional situation that had been tormenting me for a long time.

I wanted to represent the different mental and emotional states that I had to go through to get where I am. 
Leaving everything in a short film that was made with my own hands seemed to me like the best way to achieve catharsis.
-Best mexican Student Film at CutOut Fest 2019,
- Alterego Award at Pixelatl 2019, - RAMA award at Bit Bang 2019, 
- Special Mention in Latin American graduation short film competition at Bit Bang 2019,
- Special Mention at Miradas Locales 2019, - Best music at Girona Film Fest 2020.
- Official Selection at Chilemonos 2020.
-Official Selection in "nuevas voces" programme at Annecy Festival 2023.
Animation: Tamara Cruz
Animation: Tamara Cruz
Animation: Adib Cherit
Animation: Adib Cherit
Animation: Ana Laura Mejía
Animation: Ana Laura Mejía
Shortfilm by: Tamara Cruz

- Production: SAE Institute Mexico.
- Additional Animation: Ana Laura Mejía, Adib Cherit.
- Color: Tamara Cruz, Aura Serrano.
- Compositing: Tamara Cruz, Daniela Villanueva.
- Music: Jaime Solórzano.
- Sound Design: Jaime Solórzano, Salvador Solís, José Manuel Pérez.
-Mix: Salvador Solís.
- Thanks to: Flaminguettes, Mandy, Daniel Piñón, Ana Laura Mejía, Adib Cherit, Rubén Balderas, Luisa Flores, Eduardo Gallardo, Aura Serrano, DAD0115, Alex Almazán, José Manuel Pérez.
- Special thanks to: Cruz Gutiérrez Family, Jaime Solórzano, Andrea Sánchez, Mara Soler, Daniela Villanueva, Piso 14, Roberto Ham, Rodrigo Miguel, Salvador Solís.

Moyoi and M.Skel. Voxel version.
Moyoi and M.Skel. Voxel version.

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